Congressman McKinley Visits Tucker County High School

Tucker County High School had the opportunity to show off some of its programs recently to Congressman David McKinley and members of his staff. McKinley, his wife, and staff from both West Virginia and Washington D.C. toured the high school visiting most of the technical programs classrooms after school.
Staff members, Congressman and Mrs. McKinley listen to Helmick talk about the greenhouse.
Staff members, Congressman and Mrs. McKinley listen to Helmick talk about the greenhouse.

McKinley, who was in Afghanistan just the day before, had hoped to tour a mine but when plans for that didn’t work out, our high school was fortunate to be chosen for a visit.

“I wanted them (his staff) to come here, I wanted them to understand the beauty of our state,” McKinley said.

The Congressman and his retinue were greeted in a hallway of the school with light refreshments made by the school’s ProStart program. CTE Director, Jr Helmick welcomed them with an introduction as to some of the things that make our school special.

“With 314 students, what’s really unique about our school is we’re able to give the students a lot more one- on- one attention”, said Helmick.

Helmick went on to highlight some of the recent accomplishments and accolades of the different programs.

“The HOSA program recently competed on a state level where they had four 1st place winners and four 3rd place winners at the state conference. Their teacher also received state HOSA advisor of the year”, said Helmick.

Helmick then went on to sing the praises of the Ag Department too.

“Tucker County is not predominately agricultural but we really have some kids on board with this , three years ago we didn’t have an Ag program.”

The group moved outside to the greenhouse and high-tunnel where Helmick told of future goals of supplying food products to all three of the county schools.

McKinley noted that while the students were working they were learning.

Helmick added: “We’re trying to generate entrepreneurs.”

Following visits to the Ag Mechanics, Auto Mechanics, and Auto Body classrooms the group moved to the ProStart program where Helmick highlighted some of the accomplishments made there in the last two years the majority of which were funded by grants.

“When people invest money in us we’re obligated to making it work”, Helmick said.

Congressman Helmick appeared very impressed with the things happening at our high school.

“Your message will be carried all over the country”, McKinley said.

Mckinley said he hoped his staff would be inspired by the fact that: “When someone says no to you (Tucker County High School), you find another way.”

Just another example of how Tucker County’s can-do attitude is setting an example for not only our state but now the whole country.

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