Delegate Wagner ready to tackle issues

Photo courtesy of the West Virginia Legislature
Former Barbour County teacher and coach Delegate Danny Wagner, R-Barbour, is anxious to begin his second term for District 47, covering Barbour and part of Tucker Counties. Wagner said this year’s legislative session will focus on the budget, job creation, tax reform and education.

PARSONS – Delegate Danny Wagner, R-Barbour, is starting his second term in District 47 which covers Barbour and part of Tucker County.

Wagner, a former teacher and coach in Barbour County, said his education experience prepared him well to serve in the Legislature.
“I was born and raised in Barbour County,” Wagner said. “I was a teacher and a coach for 32 years, coaching mainly basketball. I started my career at Philippi Middle School teaching West Virginia History and in 1985 I moved to Philip Barbour High School.”
Wagner said he taught civics and said he keeps up on current issues. He said having those experiences on a daily basis helped him to understand what he would be getting into through the legislative process.
In 2017, Wagner said the biggest legislative issue is the budget.
“The budget is the biggest thing and job creation is right behind that,” Wagner said. “Tax reform is another item we will be dealing with. In the previous session we dealt with tort reform and I think there are a few more things we can do to level the playing field and make West Virginia a place where businesses would like to relocate or open.”
Another issue Wagner spoke about is education. He said it appears education is a hot item with the new Governor and he said he is looking forward to seeing which direction education will go.
Wagner has been working closely with Dr. Eddie Campbell and the Tucker County School system looking for ways to help with budget shortfalls. He said he represents two small counties that do not currently have excess school levies.
“Any budget cuts affect these counties very deeply. Both superintendents know they are not going to get any extra funding, but have both expressed it would be helpful if they had the flexibility to spend the money they get from the state aid formula the way they choose and allow the local boards of educations to make the decision on spending. They are requesting more flexibility and I think we will take a look at that to see if we can help them out – the small counties,” Wagner said.
Wagner said as a member of the Veterans Affairs Committee, members are always looking to help Veterans in every way they can to give Veterans the assistance they need.
Wagner said he fells town hall meetings are a good opportunity because it helps residents feel like they can talk to their representatives and let them have a say in how things go during the legislative session. He said he invites anyone traveling to Charleston to stop by his office and said if residents have ideas or questions to give him a call or send an email.
His office is located in Building 1, Room 226 East. He can be contacted by sending an email to or by calling his office at 304-340-3398 or 304-669-1195.
For 2017 Wagner is the Vice Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee and serves on the agriculture and natural resources, education and roads and transportation committees. He is also on the education and parks, recreation and natural resources interim sub committees.

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