Hens, heifers and hogs among livestock headlining the 2014 4-H and FFA Livestock Sale

PARSONS – Up to a full year of hard work was rewarded Saturday evening as Tucker County 4-H and FFA students received awards and sold their livestock at the Tucker County Fair.
FFA Livestock sale
Bob Lambert of the Tucker County Farm Bureau presents traditional barn awards to Ethan Carr, Andrew Hauser, Kate Bates and Darrah Pennington during the 2014 4-H and FFA Livestock Sale at the Tucker County Fair Saturday evening.

The pavilion at Camp Kidd was jam-packed with youth, teens, parents, grandparents, elected officials, residents of the area, and, of course, steers, lambs, rabbits, chickens, goats, hens, heifers and hogs.

Tucker County Extension Agent Jennifer Poling said the students participating in the 2014 4-H and FFA Livestock Sale had a minimum of six months of work invested in each project.

“Some of these students have more than a year of work in their projects,” Poling said. “From here, they will start looking to decide what projects they will take next year as they settle up with their record guides. They keep track of all of their bills and receipts. The projects will then be turned in and graded.”

Poling said she is proud of the hard work everyone put into their projects.

“I think they did an excellent job,” Poling said. “I am proud of all of our exhibitors. We had a great week. Thanks to all of the parents and grandparents who help the students and support them in their projects and help them get their feed.

Samantha Long’s market rabbits and broiler chickens each were awarded champion ribbons in their category. She said she raised the chickens from chicks she ordered in the mail, and said she received the rabbits when they were just little.

“Raising chickens doesn’t take as much time as raising rabbits,” Samantha said. “I had to work with my rabbits to teach them not to scratch when you pick them up.”

Samantha said next year in 4-H she will just be taking one project.

“Next time I want to raise a calf,” Samantha said. “I hope I get blue ribbons on both of these projects.”

Samantha is a fifth-grader at Tucker Valley Elementary School, and is the daughter of Joe and Karen Long.

Awards were presented to four students for traditional barn awards, each participating in the exhibit, showmanship classes, the Ag. Olympics and Skill-A-Thon. Senior award winners were Andrew Hauser and Kate Bates, and junior award winners were Ethan Carr and Darrah Pennington. Each winner received a gift card from the Tucker County Farm Bureau.

An award for the most eye-catching stall exhibit during the livestock show went to Madison Mullenax. Awards from top weight gaining steer were presented to Vincent Moats, whose steer gained 548 pounds, and top weight gaining lamb went to Melanie Amos, whose lamb gained more than 40 pounds.

Top award winners in each category include:

Market steers, sponsored by Performance Auto Body – Champion, raised by Samantha Betler, weighing in at 1257 pounds, purchased by Mettiki Coal Company and donated to the Tucker County FFA; and reserve champion, weighing 1221 pounds, raised by Vincent Moats, purchased by Dr. Anne Banfield.

Also exhibiting in the market steers category was Madison Lambert.

Market lambs, sponsored by Snowy Creek Dorsets – Champion, raised by Samantha Betler, weighing 124 pounds, purchased by Grant County Bank; and reserve champion, weighing 125 pounds, raised by Samantha Betler and purchased by Camden Creek Primitives.

Other exhibitors in the market lambs were Jacob Hauser, Andrew Hauser, Tate Mullenax, Mikayla Long, Melanie Amos, Abigail Long and Madison Mullenax.

Feeder steers, sponsored by S. Carr Logistics LLC – Champion, raised by Tanner Burns, which was not for sale; and reserve champion, raised by Tanner Burns, weighing 595 pounds, purchased by Mark Burns.

Mary Carr and Stephanie Betler also exhibited and sold feeder steers.

Feeder heifers, sponsored by American Electric Company – Reserve, raised by Vincent Moats, weighing 558 pounds, purchased by Robinson Logging Company.

Ethan Carr also exhibited and sold a feeder heifer during Saturday’s livestock sale.

Market rabbits, sponsored by Diane Wade, Realtor at Steven’s Realty – Champion pair, raised by Samantha Long, purchased by Jim Nester; and reserve pair, raised by Hunter Canfield, purchased by Mike Rosenau.

Others participating in the market rabbit category were Logan Pennington and Darrah Pennington.

Layers (chickens), sponsored by Little Andi’s Restaurant – Champion pair, raised by Will White, purchased by the Picket Patch; reserve pair, raised by Jenna White, purchased by the Picket Patch.

Other students participating in the layers category include Ethan Carr, Mary Carr, Andrew Cale, Kate Bates and Sarah Bates.

Broilers (chickens), sponsored by Little Andi’s Restaurant – Champion pair, raised by Samantha Long and purchased by Kenna’s Deer Processing.

Market goats, sponsored by Leonard and Brenda Arnold – Champion, raised by Lindsey Johnson, weighing 93 pounds, purchased by Buckhannon Stockyards; reserve, raised by Shelby Beavers, weighing 91 pounds, purchased by Mon General Hospital.

Other participants in the market goat category include Amanda Harper, Mary Carr, Lindsey Knotts and Hunter Canfield.

Market hogs, sponsored by DC Enterprise – Champion, raised by Jacob Beavers, weighing 270 pounds, purchased by Mettiki Coal Company; reserve, raised by Shelby Beavers, weighing 279 pounds, purchased by Delegate Randy E. Smith, R-Preston.

Others participating in the market hog category include Madison Mullenax, Jacob Hauser, Jenna White, Will White, Logan Pennington, Hunter Canfield, Lydia Mullenax, Abby Bowley, Melanie Amos, Andrew Hauser, Vincent Moats, Brittany Streets, Lesley Cale, and Ethan Carr for underweight hogs.

Kelsey Ann Kyle, named the 2014 Queen Daphne Wednesday evening, said she enjoyed her reign for the 2014 Tucker County Fair. Kyle is a senior at Tucker County High School and is the daughter of David and Amber Kyle of Parsons.

“Last night I showed a novice pig with some of the other beginners,” Kyle said. “It was really fun. That was the most exciting thing I got to do. My favorite animals are the rabbits. They won’t go running after me.”

Poling said she wants to encourage anyone interest in 4-H to contact the Tucker County Extension Office, located in the basement of the Tucker County Courthouse. Additional information is available by calling 304-478-2949.


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