Homecoming parade fills Parsons with color and laughter

Photos by Beth Christian Broschart

By Beth Christian Broschart
The Parsons Advocate

PARSONS – This year Tucker County High School broke tradition and had its Homecoming Parade Thursday in Parsons instead of Friday, giving TCHS Football players and others the opportunity to participate in the parade. The week was filled with many activities for students and alumni, allowing them to get ready for Friday’s game.
The TCHS geared up for the festivities each day with a different theme. On Monday, students celebrated Sleeping Beauty Day and wore pajamas. On Tuesday they dressed as their favorite super heroes to celebrate Incredibles’ Day. O’Hana Day was Wednesday where students wore Hawaiian themed garb and on Thursday, they wore something Disney-themed to celebrate the Wonderful World of Disney Day. Friday was all about TUCKER where students wore black and gold and celebrated living in the greatest place on earth.
Thursday’s Homecoming Parade featured entries from local law enforcement and fire apparatus from the Parsons Volunteer Fire Department, the Davis Volunteer Fire Department and the Thomas Volunteer Fire Department.
Entries also included one from Brian Wilfong who is running for re-election as the Tucker County Sheriff and Lowell Moore who is running for re-election for the Tucker County Commission.dsc_0438
The Class of 2017 had a big showing in the parade with a take of 101 Dalmatians featuring Cruela DeVil. The Class of 2018 rowed down the street as the Pirates of the Mountain Lions while the Class of 2019 featured characters from Toy Story. The class of 2020 shared the Nightmare before Homecoming. The TCHS Cheerleaders flipped their way down the street.
Zoe Sypolt, the 2015 TCHS Homecoming Queen waved to those gathered for the parade and 2016 Minor Court members Amesley Channell and Rylan Sexton shared a smile with everyone.
Other entries in the Homecoming Parade included the Wildcats, the Tucker Valley Middle School Cheerleaders and the 2016 Miss and Mr. Mountain Lion Rhys Hovatter and Jaelynn Taylor.
Following the Homecoming Parade, folks met at the R.H. Armstrong Memorial Stadium for a bonfire.
The TCHS Mountain Lions defeated Philip Barbour 21-7 on Friday. During halftime, Leah Underwood was crowned Homecoming Queen.
Underwood is from Parsons and is the daughter of Jerry and Kelly Underwood. She was escorted by Quinn Buckley, son of Scott Buckley and Lesley Nefflen. The Homecoming Dance was held Saturday.

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