Moore gives Pulp Mill Bottom Dike Update

Photo by Beth Christian Broschart Lowell Moore, Tucker County Commission President, updates Parsons residents about the Pulp Mill Bottom Dike updates.

By Beth Christian Broschart
The Parsons Advocate

PARSONS – Tucker County Commission President Lowell Moore gave an update on the status of the pending repairs to the Pulp Mill Bottom Dike, indicating that the Commission is moving closer to getting the work started.
Officials discovered a hole in the Pulp Mill Bottom Dike in Parsons during the July 4 weekend in 2014 and have been working with county, state and federal agencies to help secure funds to get the damage repaired to keep local residents safe should there be flooding in the area.
Advertisements for bids for the repairs were placed in both The Parsons Advocate and The Inter-Mountain newspapers. Moore said pre-bid is 10 a.m. October 28 in the Tucker County Commission Office and the opening of the bids is slated for 2 p.m. Nov. 11.
“Fish and Wildlife sent me a letter that their survey was inconclusive so the last six to eight trees around the Pulp Mill Bottom Dike may not be cut down until after Nov. 15,” Moore said. “They wanted a letter of confirmation that I would agree to that and I did give them that letter because we are not opening the bids until Nov. 11.”
Moore said he has not heard back from SHPO – the State Historical Preservation Office.
“But they (SHPO) assured me I would have the letter within 30 days,” Moore said. “Everything is moving forward.”
Moore said he hopes the contract will be awarded around five to seven days following the bid openings.
“Everything depends on the letters and if there is anything else that sets us back,” Moore said. “Right now, it doesn’t look like there is anything else. If everything is okay, we should award the bid five to seven days following the opening.”
Moore said after the bid is awarded, the first step is the construction will begin on a double coffer to hold the water back. They will be employing best management practices and after the concrete work is complete on the dike, the coffers will be removed.
“The repairs will fix the damaged areas first and then they will put a 100 foot mat from the river bed up over the top and back down the other side, just like the original was. It will raise the wall four to six inches,” Moore said.
Moore will give weekly updates on the Pulp Mill Bottom Dike until repairs are

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