New Stalnaker – Richardson Recreation Center

Participating in the ribbon cutting are as follows: Christa Myers, great-granddaughter of Bruce Stalnaker, board president, Lawrence “Skip” Eller, board members, Debbie Fortney, daughter of Stalnaker, Ron Roth, Connie Roth, Lyda Lister, Jerry Helmick, and Jeremiah Myers, great-grandson of Stalnaker.

The Land of Canaan Homeowners Association held a ribbon cutting on Friday, June 28, 2019 of the new Stalnaker – Richardson Recreation Center.  Bruce Stalnaker and Herb Richardson, whom the building is named after, were both board members who passed away while in office during the beginning planning stages of the new center.

The building houses a new check-in area, a kitchen/meeting room and an indoor swimming pool and staff offices. Anyone wishing to become an owner or to rent a condo can call manager, Brittany Bennett at 304-866-4788.

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