Parsons City Council to Have New Look

New council members Patrick Gray and Bruce Kolsun
New council members Patrick Gray and Bruce Kolsun


In a unique situation, all seats but one was up for grabs in Tuesday’s Municipal election. City Administrator Jason Myers stated, “This is the first time since I’ve been with the city that this has occurred. Most elections see at least two seats not up for election.” Myers attributes this state of events to off-year elections and appointments being made due to resignations and lack of candidates. As a result, five council seats were to be decided.

Three new council members and two incumbents will be joining David Greenlief on the Parsons City Council.

Newcomers include Patrick Gray who will represent Ward One for a four year term and Bruce Kolsun and Pam Ruediger who will represent Ward Two for four years and two years respectively. Gray and Kolsun both expressed their willingness to work with the other members of council, mayor, police and city workers to continue improvements to the city for the benefit of the citizens and to encourage new businesses.

Melissa Jones and Tim Auvil were both successful in their bid for re-election. Jones will serve a two year term for Ward One and Auvil, four years for Ward Two. Jones stated, “ I want to continue to make a difference in our city and would like to thank all those who voted for me”.

Imcumbent council member Phil Fansler was unsuccessful in his bid to hold his seat.

Mayor Dorothy Judy and Recorder Connie Collins both ran unopposed and will retain their positions with the city administration.

Mayor Judy stated, “I am happy to see what we have accomplished, and I look forward to the completion of other projects that are in the works. I am also excited by the increased involvement of our citizens in our city’s beautification.

PRO/ON-TRAC president Jimmy Judy added, “I am anxious to begin working with the new and incumbent members of council and anyone else who is interested in improving our city and bringing in new businesses.”

The election results are as follows with * marking the winner .

Mayor, Dorothy Judy* : Ward I – 62, Ward II – 62 unopposed.

Recorder, Connie R. Collins * : Ward I – 60, Ward II – 65 unopposed

Ward I council member 2 yr. term; 1 elected:

Melissa D. Jones – 44 *

Alecia Bryant – 29

Ward I council member, 4 yr. term; 1 elected

Sara Kelley Davis – 10

Patrick Gray – 45*

Dennis Kelley – 15

Ward II council member 2 yr. term, 1 elected.

Pamela Ruediger – 61 unopposed

Ward II council member, 4 yr. term; 2 elected.

Bruce A. Kolsun – 51*

Phil Fansler – 21

Tim Auvil – 51*


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