Plants and More Plants in TCHS Greenhouse

The greenhouse at Tucker County High School is full of a wide variety of healthy vegetables and flowers in six cell packs that are only $2 each! Some of the most popular types of red tomatoes such as Early Girl, Big Beef, Beefsteak, Large Red Cherry, Roma, Burpee’s Big Boy, and Better Boy are plentiful. Yellow tomatoes available are Golden Jubilee, Yellow Pear and Carolina Gold in addition to other not so well known but equally wonderful varies of red and yellow tomatoes.

image2TCHS’s selection of peppers is equally as exciting and range from hot varieties such as Inferno, Jalepeno Hot, Hungarian Hot Wax, Red Cherry, Cayenne long Red Slim, to the sweet varities most everyone loves of Green Bell, Big Bertha, Serreno, Golden Cali Wonder, Cubenella, California Wonder, Keystone Giant and Bell Boy.

Various healthy varieties of broccoli, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, cauliflower and different cabbages are available, in addition to the herbs sweet basil, dill, parsley and chives. And don’t forget to try some eggplant in your garden as well!

A gorgeous profusion of flowering plants are ready for purchase to add beauty to your flowerbeds and garden. Alyssum, begonias, dianthus, dusty miller, impatiens, phlox, snapdragons, verbena, vinca and viola are all in bloom and ready to go home with you. Some of the flowers, such as marigold, not only beautify but offer some protection from insect pests!

A wonderful selection of hanging baskets is still available for only $8 each. The baskets are overflowing with various combinations of color and plants such as petunias, geraniums and begonias.

The greenhouse is open during school hours and will stay open until the end of school on June 12. For the best selection, however, don’t delay and make your way to TCHS as soon as possible. Just be sure to stop in the office and sign in so Miss Roxcella can make sure someone is in the greenhouse to assist in your purchases! Happy gardening!!


Pamela Ruediger

The Parsons Advocate

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