PVFD sees increase in call volume

At the Tucker County Commission Meeting, Office of Emergency Management Director Kevin White reported an increase in call volume to the Parsons Volunteer Fire Department.

“We typically run about 180 to 200 calls a year out of Parsons Fire Department.  We are already at 100.  We are seeing our call volume go up,” White said.  He speculated the higher call volume might be due to an increase in traffic in the area, especially due to Route 48.

County Clerk Sherry Simmons reflected on the recent election.  “In Tucker County, things are kept friendly and happy, but I also need to remind people that when only 35.42 percent vote, it makes things difficult.  And sometimes people don’t understand how important a vote is,” Simmons said.

Out of 5,500 registered voters the total number of ballots cast was 1,983.  “When the dust settles, we still remain friends and family.  I do thank the 1,983 people that did vote,” Simmons said.

“We try to encourage people to come out and vote.  We never encourage anything to be negative and we always search for the positive,” she continued.

Office of 911 Director Brett Ware commented on the powerful storm cell that moved through Tucker County during the afternoon of Monday, May 14.  “We’re very thankful that it didn’t turn out to be worse than what it was,” Ware said.

“It came at poor timing, because there was a lot of traffic on the roadways at that time.  We went from having no calls to processing ten 911 calls within five minutes,” Ware said.  At the time of the meeting on Tuesday, May 15 at 9 a.m., Ware reported there were 88 county residents without power.

Ware also provided April’s statistics.  He reported a lower number of 911 open line or hang up calls.

Jessica Streets’ appointment to the County Planning Commission was approved.  She will serve a three-year term.

The Commissioners encouraged all Tucker County residents who have not paid the EMS ordinance fee for 2017 to do so by June 30 to avoid fines.

The next Tucker County Commission meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 13, at 9 a.m. in the Tucker County Courthouse.

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