Some Serious BBQ has Come to Town

By Dan Geohagan
The Parsons Advocate

Parsons, WV- There is a new delicious smell in the air in the town of Parsons. You can track it all the way over to Paps Loathes BBQ located just on the outskirts of town. There you will find a variety of amazing BBQed “We have been here a month today,” Said owner George Loathes. “We love being here in the community and being able to share our BBQ with everyone.”

Lots of people like to start restaurants as a new venture seeking to make a business, with George his family was ready for him to just share his pulled pork recipe with the world.
“My friends and family got me motivated,” Said Loathes. “I would just fiddle with cooking on the side or at the holidays and everyone told me it was too good to keep to myself. I also worked at the restaurant in the bowling alley in Elkins for over 10 years and I have cooked pretty much my whole life. People would swing in to the house just to have cook-outs and things like that.”
Naming a business, even more a restaurant can be challenging sometimes, but George Loathes was on the name game from the beginning.
“I wanted PAPS to stand for something but was informed I couldn’t do that,” Said Loathes. “So instead it stands for Pigs Astronomical Pork Sandwich. I also have over 20 grandkids so I might be entitled to be paps as well wouldn’t I?”
As every restaurant has a signature dish PAPS BBQ does not disappoint with their pulled pork with peppers sandwich. This reporter can confirm it is an awesome pulled pork.
“My pulled pork with the peppers is my signature dish,” Said Loathes. “The restaurant is a friendly family atmosphere. After the first of the year we hope to have a dining area as of now though it is take out only.”

The hours of operation for now is seven days a week from11a.m. to 8 p.m. but is subject to change.

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