Stop Signs and Tobacco Policy to Remain Unchanged

At the re-scheduled Parsons City Council meeting held on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, the council voted to accept the street committee’s recommendation to leave the all-way stop in place at the intersection of Fourth and Main Streets. Harold and Lois Arbogast, who had requested that the stop sign be removed from Main Street at this intersection, were in attendance and were not pleased with council’s decision. Mrs. Arbogast stated that there were more dangerous intersections in town that should be all-way stops and wondered how council chooses which intersection to make an all-way stop.

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Kristi Kimble, Regional Tobacco Prevention Coordinator for the Smoke Free Initiative of West Virginia, was on hand to present the council with information on making the two city parks “Tobacco Free”. Kimble cited statistics on the dangers of second hand smoke and the adverse influence of spit tobacco on the youth. After discussion, council voted to not accept the Smoke Free Initiative and agreed, instead to accept the Parsons Park Board’s recommended Tobacco Policy of May 6, 2013, that prohibits all tobacco use at River City Park and prohibits tobacco use around or within the Pavilions and Playground areas of Mill Race Park. This policy will allow for a designated smoking area. Signs are or will be in place.

Once again, Parsons city council voted unanimously to grant the PVFD to use city streets for their annual Parsons Fireman’s Homecoming Fair. Chief White stated that this year’s fair will be held from May 3 – May 10 with various activities to be held including the water battle, singing, stands by local clubs and vendors, and of course the carnival. Council pledged their support and stated how proud they are of the fire department.

Council voted to host a “Town Hall” type meeting for county residents and businesses to inform Mayor, council, other elected officials, and representatives of Frontier Communications of their concerns with Frontier’s telephone and internet services. A committee headed by Kennetha Greenlief will be formed to organize the meeting and set a date, location, and time. If you have concerns you are urged to attend.

Council received a letter from Robert A. Burns, Executive Director of the Tucker Community Foundation stating that the William M. Harman Fund will have a distribution of $871,000 for 2014. Council agreed to hold the Harman Fund meeting in March.

In other business, council agreed on a resolution opposing and urging Congress to amend or repeal the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Act of 2012. Council has ordered mugs from Mud Ceramics to be sold, price to be determined. The mugs will have a design stating: Parsons, a Small City with a Big Heart.

Mayor Dorothy Judy and City Administrator, Jason Myers, gave a report on Tucker County Day in Charleston held on February 5. They stated that Parsons as well as the entire county was well represented and warmly welcomed and embraced. Plans are in progress for next year.

Council plans to hold a meeting on February 25, 2014 for the purpose of hiring personnel. The next full agenda meeting will be held at the Charles W. “Bill” Rosenau Municipal building on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 6 p.m.

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