Summer Programs at Five Rivers Public Library

Five Rivers Library Summer Reading Program started this year June 26 and ended July 17 with several children coming to the library looking for fun. This year’s theme was Dig into Reading! Each week started with a book being read to the children. The books were: The ugly vegetables by Grace Lin and It’s harvest time by Jean McElroy and Stone soup along with Diary of a worm by Doreen Cronin, Wiggling worms at work by Wendy Pfeffer, Mary MvGuire digs worms by Kate Messner, The magic school bus in the time of dinosaurs by Joanna Cole and Digging up dinosaurs by Aliki, Pyramid book (Eye Witness) and Pyramids: A first discovery book. The children were divided into two groups; younger children up to third grade and third to fifth grade. Once the books were read the children were brought back together for crafts, activities, snacks and social time.
Some of the fun activities they did were to compare a real worm to a gummy worm on a paper plate, they measured both, compared the colors etc., A worm farm was created from dirt, sand, oatmeal, worms in a large jar. Each week the worm farm was brought out so the children could see how the worms had moved around within the farm.
A potato chip test of 5 different chips was tested to see which ones the children liked better, a chart was made with the results.  They thoroughly enjoyed the chip test!  They did a scavenger hunt and planted seeds in a cup and created a pirate ship with wooden sticks and paper. The kids colored a paper shovel, did riddles and jokes, colored dinosaur templates, created tales, dinosaur bones, footprints all from homemade play dough. The craft they really enjoyed was the leak proof bag test, where you fill a quart sized zip lock bag half full of water and take a very sharp pencil and stick through it, to their surprise it didn’t leak, so they put several other pencils through the same bag, but when they removed the pencils, then the water did come out the holes where the pencils were. The last day the kids built pyramids out of marshmallows and Legos. Our craft was to do a volcano with water, baking soda and vinegar, the kids loved it, and they had a blast!   Each child received a goody bag, a “Dig Into Reading” T-shirt and the top three readers, Elizabeth Bolinger, Jessyka Moore and Hannah Hardy all received totes filled with various items.  Reading loges that were turned in there was a total of 983 books read by the children. Story time was well attended this year with a total of 25 children attending.

Volunteers who read and or helped this year were Angela Davis, Sandra Bohon, Robin Hardy, Lisa Smith, as well as the parents and grandparents.
Children that attended this year:  Hannah Hardy, Macy & Maddy Helmick,  Brock & Rhys Hovatter, Corrinia & Paisley Lipscomb, Jessyka Moore, Marissa & Cameron Judy, Elizabeth & Andrew Bolinger, Vanessa and Savannah Shaffer, Ariona & Lillyan Plumley, Karlee & Camille Smith, Evan & Ella Dilly, Tabitha Adams, Xander Lambert, Alaina Owens,  and Jayden Moore.

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