TCHS Theatre Company Presents Alter Egos

By Elizabeth Lancaster

The Parsons Advocate

Tucker County High School Theatre Company opens its first production of the 2013-14 school year, Alter Egos, “The I Do’s and Don’ts of an American Wedding,” at 7 pm, Saturday, Dec.7, at the TCHS Auditorium. The play will also be performed at 2 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 8, 7 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 14 and 2 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 15. Alter Egos, written by Pat Cook, is a comedy denoting the crazy antics of two families helping to plan the perfect wedding. The couple desires a simple wedding, but their families, the “snooty dudes” and the “hillbillies” have other plans. As family members step up to help, their “Alter egos” take over.

The bride, Colleen McMasters, is played by Senior, Brandi Hackney. This is Hackney’s fourth production since middle school and her first leading role. She said her character likes things done her way and gets irritated throughout the play because the families expect her to make all the decisions for the wedding. “She wishes her family would help her instead of arguing.” Regarding the production, Hackney stated, “I love it! I feel like the character was made for me. Everyone says we have the same attitude. If I were getting married I would act just like her! I think it’s all gonna come together−I’m excited to perform it. I hope everyone will come out and support us.”

Sophomore, Matt Louk plays the groom, Mark Frobisher. Louk has been participating in theatre since seventh grade, and this is his fourth leading role. He explained, “Mark doesn’t really know what to do about the situation. The idea of weddings is new to him. He’s very scared and all he knows is he wants the wedding to be perfect but doesn’t know how to make it so.” Louk added, “The play so far has been going very well, and I’m excited to perform it in front of a live audience. Come and watch it and see what happens.”

Other cast members include Jonna Burnside as Dinah McMasters, Lukas Thompson as Carl McMasters, Savannah Ambrose as Vera Frobisher, Josh Thompson as Lew Frobisher, Taylor Ambrose as the Tailor and Sports Announcer, Sarah Davis as Jan McMasters, Lizzy Fenner as the Interpreter, Cheala Hackney as Mom, Morgan Moss as the Caterer, Trista Collar as the Ring Master, Kaylee Nedrow as Maria and Aunt Pam, Angela Myers as Uncle Josh, and Billy Plum as the Referee.

Seniors Hannah Lancaster and Josh Thompson are directing the production. Both have participated in theatre since seventh grade, this being their ninth production together. Lancaster stated, “I wanted to do this play since I was a sophomore, so it is very exciting to be able to direct it!” Thompson added, “I like all the humor throughout the entire play.” Lancaster said her favorite character is Dinah, the bride’s mother. “She wants everything to go perfectly and everyone to get along−just like me!” Thompson said Jan, the sister of the bride, is his favorite. “She’s like a wild child−crazy!”

Thompson said everyone should attend the play “because it’s hilarious and they will definitely get their money’s worth. Attending supports the local theatre company with all the money used for future productions.” Lancaster added, “You definitely don’t want to miss this. The cast and crew have worked very hard and I am super proud to show what we’ve accomplished. I’ve never been so stressed over a production, but I am incredibly blessed to have such a great cast and crew.”

Producer Jay Smith concluded, “The students have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this production. The theatre is becoming cohesive with the actors’ energy and enthusiasm for the play. I’m very proud of all their work and I hope the community will come out and see the show.”


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