Voter Registration Event Slated

PARSONS – The Tucker County Clerk’s Office, headed by Sherry Simmons, is encouraging everyone to get out and register to vote, and is helping facilitate that request by sponsoring a National Voter Registration Day event, slated for Sept. 23.

Simmons and her coworkers will set up from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Davis Fire Department Tucker Community Corrections Office and from 1 to 4 p.m. in Room 204 at the Tucker County Courthouse Annex in Parsons, to assist folks in registering to vote before the upcoming general election deadline. Those wishing to cast their ballots during the election must be registered to vote by Oct. 14.

“We are able to help folks register to vote each day we are open, Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” Simmons said. “We are participating in the National Voter Registration Day and are taking our forms to the satellite site to help those living in Thomas, Davis and Canaan Valley.”

Simmons said it is very important to register to vote and exercise that privilege.

“Every vote counts,” Simmons said. “I think people came to realize that during our primary election.”

During the primary election, Tucker County voters defeated a proposed school levy by just two votes – and a recount was called to verify those numbers the end of May – showing that each vote really does make a difference.

Those wishing to sign up to vote for the first time in Tucker County, need to have one form of identification – either a current and valid photo id card, a current utility bill, a bank statement, a government check, a paycheck or any other official government document.

“You must register using your home, or physical address,” Simmons said. “The law requires that you register to vote where you live, not at a business address or post office box. When updating your voter registration, you must register after you have moved.”

Simmons said Tucker County usually ranks high in voter turnout in the county.

“We are second to the smallest county, and during the primary election, we ranked sixth highest in the state,” Simmons said. “That was even with our voter numbers being down. We have ranked first highest in the state per capita twice in recent years.”

Those not making the Oct. 14 deadline to register to vote must wait until the canvass of the election is completed. Simmons said she hopes everyone will get registered and make their voice heard.

“Registration forms are available on the West Virginia Secretary of State website at,” Simmons said. “We also will have forms during the National Voter Registration Day and they are available in the Tucker County Clerk’s Office in the Courthouse Annex.”

According to the National Voter Registration Day website, this event is a one-day effort of coordinated field, technology and media initiatives to create pervasive awareness of voter registration and voting. National Voter Registration Day is led by thousands of national, state and local organizations hoping to encourage civic engagement. The initiative, which started in 2012, is slated for the fourth Tuesday in September—before voter registration deadlines nationwide—and is designed to remind and encourage eligible Americans to prepare to exercise their most basic civil right, their right to vote.

Questions about registering to vote in Tucker County should be directed to the Tucker County Clerk’s Office by calling 304-636-2414, ext. 201, or by visiting their office in the Tucker County Courthouse Annex, Suite 205.


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