Common Threads for July 22, 2014

The Foundation’s 25th anniversary Uncle Sam’s Birthday Party was a big success thanks to everyone who purchased tickets or made a donation. Proceeds from the annual fundraiser support unrestricted grant and scholarship awards.

Ron LaNeve of Elkins was winner of this year’s special prize, a $10,000 endowment. LaNeve donated his gift to the Pioneer Memorial Public Library Fund. The agency endowed fund was established with the Tucker Community Foundation in 2008 to provide perpetual funding for the public library located in Harman, WV.

The roster of endowed funds managed by the Foundation and created by donors who have invested in their community by establishing a permanent legacy has grown to more than one hundred. New funds recently established include the Tucker County EMS Fund, the Tucker County Economic and Community Development Fund, the Davis Health System Foundation Fund, the Knights of Pythias Brown Lodge #32 Fund, the Bradley J. Ramsey Memorial Scholarship Fund, and the Mt. Hebron Cemetery Fund. Two new funds were also established by an estate bequest of Harold & Ruth Shaffer: the Tucker County Senior Citizens Fund and the Parsons Volunteer Fire Department Fund.

In addition to grant and scholarship awards, donations help leverage additional funding and partner support for programs and projects such as Feet Under Seats, Run For It, the Highland Food and Farm Market, and the Tucker Boulder Park project. Recent donations:

B.J. Ramsey Mem’l Scholarship

The family of Brad Ramsey

Shell Oil Foundation Employee Match

Knights of Pythias

Knights of Pythias Brown Lodge #32

Davis Cemetery Fund

Margaret Siembieda

D. Beverly Snyder

Leadmine Cemetery Fund

Alston Helmick

Denver & Ethel Raines Smith

George & Mariwyn Smith

Directors’ General Fund

Deborah Mowe

Carroll & Jane Larke

Joyce Colbert Veterinary Scholarship

Kevin & Kimberly Stahl

Margaret A. & James A. Grafton Scholarship

James E. Grafton

Dr. Mary Alice Klein Scholarship

Jennifer Klein on mum’s birthday

Boyce Scholarship Fund

In memory of Harry Boyce

Best of Canaan

Ronnie & Diane Beall

Laures Perkins

Philip & Cheryl Wilkes

A.B. Fulton

Don & Judy Murphy

Scott & Diane Hinkle

John & Adelaide Bacon

Marl & Ann Fulton

Todd & Tracey Bowman

Patricia Violet

William Ruoff & Elizabeth Frye

Jillian Roberts & Matilde Villalobos Millennium Scholarship

In memory of Jacob Roberts

Bud & Jane Parsons

Lois & Terry Nelson

Randy & Tammy Carr

Tucker County Four-Wheelers, Inc.

George & Mariwyn Smith

Tucker County Economic & Community Development

Matt & Angie Shockley

Merrill & Mona Wood

Charles & Elizabeth Tewksbury

E.L. Robineson Engineering

TCF Match

Mountaintop Public Library New Building Fund

Dale & Amy Belman

Dinner Proceeds – White Grass Fundraiser

Glenda & Walter Marshall

Ladies Auxiliary FOE #936

Karen Peterson

Jeffrey & Mary Ann Breunig

George & Mariwyn Smith

Old Ridge Runner Fund

Herman Hebb book sale proceeds

Carl DelSignore Fund

Cleta Long book sale proceeds

Tucker Boulder Park Project

Dominion Foundation

Western Pocahontas Properties

Douglas & Carol Milam

FirstEnergy Foundation

Tucker County Trails, Inc.

Scott & Diane Hinkle

Elaine Moore & Deborah McHenry

Marc Yoko Palmisiano

Gary Westling

Susan & Rolando Ray

Lyn & Roger Goodwin

Doug Hockom & Jane Browning

Daniel & Eileen Simpson

Ronnie & Diane Beall

Tammy Robbins

Matt & Angie Shockley

Don & Gloria Austring

Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous

Jeanette Engelstad

Catherine & Scott Young

Nathaniel Rader

Woody Nestor Memorial Fund

St. George United Methodist Women

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