Tucker Community Foundation Grant Funds Available

The Tucker Community Foundation grant season is underway. More than $189,000 is available for nonprofit organizations and community projects and programs throughout the Potomac Highlands region through a competitive application process and designated funding from endowments. The competitive Grant Application is available online at www.tuckerfoundation.net, the Foundation’s main office in Parsons and the TCF Development Office in Davis. The deadline to apply is Friday, September 19.

Endowments supporting the arts are providing grant awards totaling $6,550. They include the Fred Busk Fund; Carl DelSignore Fund; and Garrett James “Dutch” Easton Fund.

More than $32,400 in designated funding is available from the Richard & Mary J. Raines Harr Fund, the Valentine Family Fund, the Denver & Ethel Raines Smith Memorial Fund and the Nan Parsons Presbyterian Church Fund for three Tucker County churches: Buena Chapel Methodist Church, the Parsons Presbyterian Church, and St. Paul’s Methodist Church.

The Sarah Thompson Kaemmerling Fund is providing up to $8,000 for charitable, educational or scientific activities for the Davis, Thomas and Canaan Valley area. The Louise Harman Fund award provides $1,700 for the Parsons Cemetery, Parks and Five Rivers Public Library.

Funds designated for economic development projects in Terra Alta (Preston County) total $2,200.

The Dehari Fund, John & Sarah Catherine Swartz Fund, and George W. & Marjorie H. Walburn Memorial Fund are providing up to $6,600 for competitive educational projects and programs. Designated funds from the Margaret Kump Roberts endowment will provide $1,300 for the Kump Education Center. The US Army JROTC Fund generated $2,300 for the JROTC program at Preston County High School.

Awards from the Donaldson-Corey Fund, the Capt. Karl Patrik Youngblood Fund and the James D. Jordan Fund are providing $1,600 for designated emergency services.

Endowments supporting general charitable purposes include the Louise & Jim Cooper, Jr. Family Fund; John, Kathleen & Sharon Syrian / Donald T. Goss Fund; Woody F. Nestor Memorial Fund; Thompson Family Fund; George & Mariwyn Smith Fund (donor-advised) ; Philip Warken Fund; and the Elliott Kepler & Alice Mae Degler Smith Fund. Competitive, donor-advised, and designated awards totaling $32,350 are available for charitable causes.

The Harold & Roth Shaffer Mountain Hospice Fund, Billie G. Armstrong Fund and Cortland Acres Association Fund are providing $7,900 for designated health care agencies.

Bright’s Chapel Cemetery, Buena Chapel Cemetery, Leadmine Cemetery, McNeeley Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Holly Meadows-Long Family Cemetery are each eligible for (designated) historic preservation grants ranging from $600 – $6,150. The Utterback Family Fund has $300 available for Alpine Heritage Preservation, Inc. (Cottrill’s Opera House). The Tucker County Veterans Memorial Fund produced $2,350 designated for the maintenance of the Parsons Veteran’s Memorial.

Funds supporting libraries and literacy projects include the McClain Fund (Five Rivers Library); John Pill/Mountaintop Public Library Fund; Pioneer Memorial Public Library Fund, and Mountaintop Public Library New Building Fund. A total of $5,000 in designated funding will be divided among the respective libraries.

The Rubenstein/Schilansky Fund, National Bank of Davis Fund and C.W. Pell Fund are providing $3,500 for competitive and designated parks and recreation projects.

Designated and competitive grants supporting youth projects and programs total $25,100. Funding is provided by the Thomas P. Patrick, DDS Fund (for Boy Scout Troop 96), Falling Green Fund, P. J. Zickefoose Fund, Ohio/West Virginia YMCA Fund and the Parsons Kiwanis Club/J. Kenton Lambert Fund.

Other designated funds include the Old Ridge Runner Fund supporting Tucker Community Foundation operations and the Grant County Senior Citizen Fund in support of their Senior Citizen Center.

Five endowed funds are providing a total of $5,550 of unrestricted, competitive funding: the Robert W. & Sarah M. Minear Fund, Mountain Valley Bank, NA Fund, Citizens Bank of West Virginia Fund, TCF Directors’ General Fund and the H. Dailey & Belva Shaffer Martin Fund.

Additional endowed fund information is available on the web site. Organizations receiving designated endowed fund awards are reminded to contact the Foundation office at 304-478-2930 to request their 2014 award.


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