DAR honors our local heroes

Dear Editor,

For those who are familiar with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), you perhaps know that as an organization we honor our American heroes on a regular basis. At a recent meeting, The Blackwater Chapter decided to honor our local heroes who are helping us through this exceedingly difficult time. The task seemed like an easy one. Members sent in names of organizations, persons, etc. to “thank” as being heroes in our area.

Here are some of the responses we received. We would like to thank the following. You have done a tremendous job of helping us through this pandemic:

  • Neighbors helping neighbors
  • Family, friends, and neighbors staying in touch more often
  • Individual and unnamed groups who are sewing masks and/or providing them for nurses and friends
  • Businesses whose employees stock shelves, run registers, and clean
  • Our health care providers and every staff member
  • Churches who put their pastors’ messages on social media
  • Day care providers
  • People staying in place
  • Our city departments, town halls, fire departments, EMS services, Communications Center, and police
  • Our board of education, superintendent, and all other county school personnel who continue to provide our
  • children with lessons and luncheons
  • Students who do their best to complete the work their teachers assign
  • Parents who are doing their part to educate our children
  • Our county health department and county commission
  • Our local newspaper and other media centers
  • Truck drivers, postal workers, UPS, FedEx
  • Our local food banks
  • Our local non-profits
  • Banks that processed stimulus funds
  • Local eateries providing take-out services and
  • Cortland Nursing Home employees and residents as, at this present time, have no positive Covid-19 cases.

So, many to thank, and yet many who may be overlooked. It was becoming apparent; this was a daunting task, and we were disregarding several. Examples include all those heroes who are giving up their salaries and income to keep our community safe; all those who are modifying their lives; and all the families of those who are providing us with services
At this writing, we have no positive cases in Tucker County. All four of our cases have recovered, and still, some are either working their jobs in “high risk” situations, working at home, or are giving up jobs and their ability to support their families to ensure we all stay healthy. And those graduating seniors who will have no ceremonies, those younger ones counting on Little League, families and friends who can’t pay homage to their deceased loved ones, and those who die alone because family and friends are barred from health care facilities—all of those are making sacrifices so that our lives and our way of life can be preserved.
Tucker County is a remarkable community! Look around you. You have a local hero to your left and your right. Tucker Countians are adapting; Tucker Countians are taking those challenges; Tucker Countians are doing what they must do to continue to keep Tucker County amazing.
We commend the residents of Tucker County. You are heroes, one and all. Tucker Countians are making a myriad of sacrifices, just as our forefathers did years ago when this extraordinary nation was formed.
All of you are doing your part as stated in the United States Declaration of Independence, to ensure that we can maintain “certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” You are, indeed, remarkable! We salute you! Heroes, one and all! Thank you!

The Blackwater Chapter of the DAR
Cynthia Kolsun, Regent

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