We Get Letters – Response: Islam


      I was saddened, though unfortunately not terribly surprised, by Donna Andes’ letter in last week’s Advocate regarding her views on the religion of Islam and Muslims.  Not surprised, as we have all noticed that hate speech, religious intolerance and xenophobia have somehow acquired a larger foothold in the world of late.

       I don’t claim to understand all the psychology behind it, beyond the most obvious – that as human beings we tend to be most comfortable with what we know, or think we know, and less comfortable with what we don’t.  And that there will always be people who will seek to profit by exploiting other people’s insecurities.

     At one time not long ago five different languages were spoken here in Tucker County.  I don’t think anyone will deny that we are all the richer, in so many ways, for our diversity, and the vast majority of those of us who live here will continue to welcome all people of good faith – Muslims, Christians, Jews or anyone else.

 John Warner

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