Letter to the editor for January 7th, 2014

Dear Editor,

Ever since my husband David and I moved to Tucker County I have found more and more reasons to love it here. A recent discovery was Cory Chase’s Sankofa massage office that opened in the historic bank building in Davis. Now, most of the people I know that have never had a massage are terrified of getting one because of wrong ideas. Too many people view massage as a sexual experience, but that is completely untrue! Massage is as helpful in many ways as chiropractic, and my experience is it’s a whole lot more pleasant. Massage is a very healing, relaxing therapy that takes place in an atmosphere of quiet music, subdued lighting, complete discretion and is given by a trained professional. The therapist has a wide range of types of massage and only touches areas that you indicate need attention. Before the session begins, basic paperwork must be completed and signed to acknowledge the masseuse will immediately end the session if the customer suggests anything improper!

Cory Chase has had extensive training in Swedish Massage “that is body, mind and spirit based.” Recently my kind husband made an appointment for me at Cory’s Sankofa Massage office. Even though I have had massages before, and my husband and I are friends with Cory, I was a little nervous at first. Cory quickly put me at ease and was able to relieve areas, particularly in my shoulders and neck, which had been hurting for quite a while. The experience was delightfully relaxing and I know what I’ll ask for next time I am asked, “what would you like for your birthday, Mother’s Day, or ‘just because’ day!” If you are curious, do yourself a favor – give Cory a call and find out for yourself the wonderful health benefits of massage!

Pam Reudiger

Parsons, WV


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