Letter to the Editor


Reading through posts by teachers, parents and care givers. What a tumultuous, frustrating and troubling time we live in.

The problem is compounded due to a lack of leadership from the top down. This pandemic has been, and continues to be, a perfect opportunity to revolutionize our educational system. Internet for all, a consortium of FREE on line lessons, seamless integration of on-line, home schooling and in school programs.

But these Apollo-like educational projects must start at the top, with the president and a functional Department of Education. We must have leadership, funding and support. We must have directives for support instead of desire for public school failure and privatization of our education system.

In so many ways, America’s response to this pandemic could have been “Our finest hour”, but lack of quality leadership has resulted in fear, division and frustration.


David Ruediger 

Parsons, WV

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