Letter to the editor for August 21, 2013

Dear Editor,
Several years ago, the Tucker County Historical Society started a new project.  Locating and restoring old abandoned cemeteries in Tucker County.
We were successful in restoring the Long family cemetery in Holly Meadows, which is owned by the late David E. Long.  Mr. Long financed and invested money for upkeep.
We looked at other cemeteries, the Corrick family at Parsons, the Zeke Harper family on Clover Run and the Ewin family cemetery at the Forks of Rt 38 and WV72.  Alice and I visited the Ewin cemetery and found three head stones, one for William Ewin, his wife Ann and their daughter Frances.  Several other graves were marked by field stones.
We contacted Gerald Baughman because William Ewin was Gerald’s great, great grandfather.  Gerald visited the site and cut some brush and small trees around the cemetery.  As we aged and health became issues, the years passed and very little was done.
The property was sold for timbering, and we advised the company about the cemetery, and ask them to respect the burial place.  The company timbered the area and was careful not to damage the cemetery.
The property was sold again to the Patriots4-Outdoor Resort.  I contacted a friend who rents and farms the land to advise them about the Historical Cemetery.  They were aware of the cemetery and planned to fence and clean it up.  “God works in strange and mysterious ways.”  Today we have a beautiful new wrought iron fence (gated) cemetery.  The brush is cut and flowers planted.  I am sure William would be pleased.
The Patriots4 showed up when we needed them, they have a love for the land and the history it holds.  The Disabled American Veterans have much to enjoy in Tucker County.
Gerald Baughman wrote the biographical sketch, “Irish Boy in America”, honoring William Ewin and his family.
With two restored cemeteries, The Tucker County Historical Society is again working on restoring more abandoned cemeteries.  They need your support!
Respectfully, James D. Phillips
Blackman Flats, Parsons

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