Feeling Relief

One of the blessings of a long life is getting older. You get to have a body that is falling apart. Every morning you wonder if it is really worth the effort to rise from the bed. It takes several minutes for the various parts of your body to start working.

Another blessing is that you get to take pills by the handfuls. I take seven in the morning and six in the evening. This is better living with chemistry. This story is about not reading the instructions that come with the pills.

One of the pills that I take passes through me without dissolving. I asked my doctor and he said that he didn’t know why, but sometimes it happens.

The next time that I had my pills refilled, I asked the druggist at Greggs in Oakland. He laughed and said that was normal. He explained to me that it was a timed released tablet. If I looked closely at the tablet, I would see a very small hole where the medicine came out. He said it was explained on the instructions that came with the tablet. I hadn’t read the paper.

I started to laugh and I told the druggist that I was very relieved. I told him that I had dug one of the tablets from the toilet three times. I also told him that the last two times that I took that pill it didn’t taste as good as one that I only took once.

 Article Submitted By Dale Pase

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