Charles D. Judy Family

tt judy family

This photo is of the Charles D. Judy Family. Charles was a son of Zebulon and Cynthia Graham Judy of Spruce Run, Harman. Pictured from left to right, front row are: William “Bill”, Grace, May, Laura Imes Judy (wife of CD Judy), Aunt Minnie, Jennie. Left to right, back row: Marie, Harry, Leonard, George. Bill is the father of Janice McDaniel and Wilma Lantz of Tucker County. Info on the church from last week. The most prevalent thought is the building is the current St. Paul’s Methodist with some renovations. An interesting note also is that the Alum Hill School is in a large white home that is currently owned by Randy Nelson, situated on the left hand side of the road as you leave town toward Holly Meadows. He discovered some of the original structure when doing renovations and it is thought that church was held there also. Comments or ideas contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.

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