Methodist Episcopal Church

tt - me church

This photo is of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in Parsons. There has been a challenge to figure out where this church was located. According to Fansler, such a church existed by the road near Alum Hill. It existed from 1870 and burnt about 1887; known as the Alum Hill Church. The best guess about the location of this church is the current St. Paul’s Methodist Church. Facing the church, on the left was a road that lead to a wooden bridge that crossed over the sluice to the Tannery. The windows on the current church resemble those in the picture. Talking to some other folks, there was a parsonage next to the church which could account for the building by the church. All of this leads to the St. Paul’s Church location. If anyone can shed light on this, call Tim Turner 304-478-3389.

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