Turner’s Tidbits

This week’s photo is of the store at Flanagan Hill. William Raines owned the store and the post office was located there also. The post office was called the Red Creek Post Office and William Raines was the first postmaster; holding that title until his death. The story behind the name of the post office is interesting. Dry Fork had a post office called the Red Creek Post Office. So named because the Red Creek River ran down one side of Dry Fork and the Dry Fork River ran on the other side until they met at what was called the railroad Junction. The post office was moved up to Flanagan Hill but retained the name Red Creek Post Office. I have read that the actual building was moved from Dry Fork to Flanagan Hill. It was moved via Scotts Siding and then up the old road, passing by the Hill Top School. Last week’s photo was Mark Holler (left) and Billy Holler (right). Bill lives in Woodbridge, VA with his family and Mark lives in Columbus, Ohio with his family. They are the sons of Abbie Wamsley of Hendricks and William Holler, Sr. of Parsons. Ideas, comments, or photos to share contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.

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