Turner’s Tidbits

This is a photo of Parsons after the flood of 1986. Starting on the immediate right, I am not sure, but it looks like the building is being worked on, is it on the corner? Next is Long’s, then Ellie’s. The next sign reads Home Decorating Center. I can not read the next sign, there could even be two stores there, then the old bank building. Across the street would be the courthouse. I think the next building was the building with the bowling alley, apartments, and a parts place. Then Mountain Valley Bank would be on the end. On the hill from the stop light would have been the home of Rosie Lipscomb, I believe; the Methodist Church parking lot is there now. On the left is an Exxon Gas sign; I am not sure who had the service station at that time. Lots of unknows that some readers could help fill in, please.  Ideas, comments, photos to share contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.

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