Turner’s Tidbits

This week’s photo should be easily identified. Last week’s photo was identified by several callers. It is a photo of Gilbert and Nellie Mae Young Summerfield formerly of Fork Mountain; there they lived and farmed.

They were the parents of Shirley Summerfield. Shirley was an only child and many folks will remember going to her restaurant in Parsons to eat. Her mother, Nellie, helped at the restaurant as well.  Nellie cooked beans and baked bread at home on a woodstove and took them to the restaurant.  John Thompson lives on the home place and he is a grandson of Gilbert and Nellie Summerfield. When Gilbert was younger, he worked at various logging camps skidding logs with a team of horses. When John was very young, he would get to go with Gilbert to some of the jobs. John remembers his granddad letting him skid some logs from off the home place in the 1960’s. Idea or comments contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.

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