Board of Ed Expels Four

The Tucker County Board of Education met on September 23, 2014 in special session at the board annex.

The purpose of the session was to provide a hearing before disciplinary actions were taken against four T.V.E.M.S. middle school students. No parents, students, or legal representation chose to be present at the meeting. All involved parties had previously conferred with Superintendant Campbell.

With a quorum present (three board members) and following the approval of the meeting agenda, the board went into executive session. A fourth board member joined the meeting during the executive session and was involved in the decision.

Upon returning from executive session, the board announced that it voted to accept the Superintendant’s recommendation. All four students (names with-held due to the fact that all involved are minors) were expelled from school for 365 days. It was noted that the disciplinary action was taken due to the fact that the infraction was a level 4 violation in the safe schools act.

Following the action taken the board adjourned.


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