Meet & Greet Held for Tucker County HPS Students

GLENVILLE, WV—Staff members and mentors of the Glenville State College Hidden Promise Scholars (HPS) Program held a ‘Meet and Greet’ community gathering on the evening of Thursday, April 10th at the Alpine Lodge and Sawmill Restaurant in Davis, West Virginia. The event was set up so that participants and their families from Tucker County could learn more about the HPS program.

Eleven GSC Hidden Promise Scholars along with their parents enjoyed their choice of chicken tenders, fish fillets, or hamburger steak dinners. Also in attendance was GSC HPS Coordinator Jenny Boggs, GSC Assistant to the President Marlon Henry, Tucker Valley and Davis Thomas Middle Schools Counselor Ronda Adkins, and Tucker County High School Counselor Lauren Smith. GSC students Richard Sloan (from Calhoun County) and Shelby Montgomery (from Roane County) are the mentors for Wood and Tucker counties respectfully but were unable to attend.

The Hidden Promise Scholars program is an alliance between Glenville State College and 41 county school districts across West Virginia, Ohio, and Connecticut aimed at improving communication between higher education and teachers, staff, and students in grades K through 12. Other goals include increasing the number of high school and college graduates as well as aligning the K-12 and higher education curricula.

“These meetings are important because they provide an opportunity for us to meet face-to-face with students and parents so they understand the many benefits of our Hidden Promise Scholars Program,” said Boggs.

Similar Meet and Greet events took place in other HPS counties during the spring semester. To learn more about the GSC Hidden Promise Scholars Program, contact Boggs at or (304) 462-6059.

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