The National Youth Science Foundation in a partnership with The Harless Center, recently hosted a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Teachers Workshop at The National Youth Science Center in Davis, WV.

National Youth Science Foundation Executive Director
Dr. Andrew Blackwood and Harless Center Executive Director
Dr. Stan Maynard

Nearly 60 teachers and administrators from around the state attended this day-long workshop where they participated in STEM activities such as Environmental Science stream studies, programming of Micro Controllers and Make Do building. Both non-profit organizations plan to continue to offer these programs to West Virginia teachers and students.

Dr. Andrew Blackwood said “The National Youth Science Foundation was pleased to host a STEM workshop for teachers and administrators from across West Virginia at its National Youth Science Center near Davis, West Virginia. NYSF’s executive director, Dr. Andrew Blackwood, said, “STEM education is growing in importance and the NYSCenter can serve as a STEM Network Hub that connects students, teachers, schools, business, industry, and other resources and stakeholders. The partnership with the June Harless Center demonstrates the NYSF’s ability to leverage its STEM networking capabilities to improve STEM education in West Virginia.”