Tucker County Girls’ Cross Country Results

On 9/10/13 the Girls’ Cross Country team competed in the Frankfort Invitational. There were 66 girls in the race and 9 teams total. The Lady Mt. Lions finished 4th as a team. Individually, Madison Mullenax placed 8th with a time of 23:43, Madison Reall finished 13th at 25:43, Taylor Ambrose 25th at 28:01, 26th was Kaylee Nedrow with a time of 28:03 and Jenna White placed 45th at 31:42. The JV meet was cancelled due to heat.
The next meet for the Lady Mt. Lions was the Forest Festival Invitational on 9/14/13. This race featured 77 girls and 11 teams. Tucker County Varsity Girls’ placed 11th overall. Madison Mullenax placed 39th at 25:51, Madison Reall 45th at 26:04, Jenna White 48th at 26:21, Kaylee Nedrow 59th at 27:12 and Miranda Siler finished 61st with a time of 27:41. The JV Team placed 3rd in the JV meet. Amanda Harper placed 8th with a time of 29:08, Jessica Kindcaid was 10th at 29:44, Bayli Helmick 15th at 32:02, Emily Siler 16th at 32:27 and Olivia Goff 17th with a time of 34:04.

Tucker County Girls' Cross Country Team received trophy for their 3rd place finish at the Bearcat Invitational
Tucker County Girls’ Cross Country Team received trophy for their 3rd place finish at the Bearcat Invitational

On 9/17/13 Tucker County Girls’ ran in the Doddridge Invitational. The Lady Mt. Lions placed 3rd overall out of 9 teams. Madison Mullenax placed 3rd in the race with a time of 23:24, Madison Reall finished 12th at 24:38, Taylor Ambrose was 13th at 24:43, Kaylee Nedrow came in 27th at 26:03, Jenna White placed 34th with a time of 26:54, Miranda Siler was 41st at 27:58, Jessica Kindcaid placed 51st, Amanda Harper was 52nd, Bayli Helmick finished 58th and Emily Siler placed 64th.

The Lady Mt. Lions traveled to the Bearcat Invitational in Grafton on 9/21/13. This track will be the site of the Regional Championship. Tucker County Varsity Girls’ received their first team trophy of the year, placing 3rd out of 10 teams. This meet featured 91 girls running in the race. Madison Mullenax paced Tucker County once again with a 7th placed finish with a time of 22:34, Taylor Ambrose placed 16th at 23:37, Madison Reall was 24th at 24:05, Jenna White finished 30th with a time of 24:24, Kaylee Nedrow finished 42nd, Miranda Siler was 59th, Amanda Harper placed 61st, Emily Siler was 81st, Bayli Helmick came in 84th and Olivia Goff placed 90th.
Southern Garrett was the host for the Broadford Invitational on 9/24/13. This meet featured 8 teams and 71 girls competing. The Lady Mt. Lions placed 4th in the meet. Madison Mullenax crossed the finish line 12th with a time of 22:40, Taylor Ambrose was close behind in 20th at 23:39, Madison Reall placed 23rd at 24:02, Kaylee Nedrow was 28th at 24:37, Jenna White finished 29th time at 24:40, Miranda Siler was 40th with a time of 26:34, Amanda Harper placed 44th at 27:24, Jessica Kindcaid was 49th at 27:36, Bayli Helmick finished 56th at 28:42 and Emily Siler was 61st with a time of 29:09.

The next meet will be the PVC Championship on Oct 15th at Frankfort and then the Regional Championship will be held Oct 24th at Grafton.

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