Property Transfers

The following property transfers have been recorded in the Tucker County Clerk’s office:

  • Eric T. Wamsley and Kimberly A. Wamsley, Hambleton, (1) 4979 sq. ft. (2) 279 sq. ft. to Danny J. Sharp and Makenzi B. Sharp, $5,500.
  • Rod R. Jones and Cass R. Jones, Dry Fork, Lot 52 Yoakum Run Timberline to Margaret Staudinger and Herbert Staudinger, $265,000.
  • Christine K. Beecher, Davis Corporation, Corrected Permanent Easement on Lot 126 to Marshall Arbough and Dorothea Arbough, $0.
  • Ritchie L. Vanscoy, Parsons Corporation, 16,000 sq. ft. to Evan Shahan, $116,500.
  • Kenneth J. Cremer and Jane L. Peterson, Dry fork, Lot 37 Black Bear Woods to William V. Cox and Diana F. Horne, $93,000.
  • Judy D. Pitzer, Parsons Corporation, Lot 7 and pt. Lot 8 to Phillip Mark Pitzer and Alisha Dawn Pitzer, $0.
    Bernard H. Currarelli, Dry Fork, Lot 39 Mountainside Timberline to Maxwell Withrow and Megan Holthaus, $177,500.
  • Nova M. Henderson and Ronnie J. Henderson, Licking, Lot 19 Landboc to Randy Sheets, $0.
  • Jamie Darby and Heather Darby, Davis Corporation, 0.18 acre to G. Scott Hinkle and Diane L. Hinkle, $0.
  • Richard James Cussins, Sr. and Ramona S. Cussins, Fairfax, 5,687 sq. ft. Coketon to Richard J. Cussins, Sr., Ramons S. Cussins and Alice Marie Donahue, $0.

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