Tucker County Senior News


Due to the Coronavirus all activities at the Tucker County Senior Centers have been suspended until further notice. The office staff is still working so that if our seniors need anything, we are there to help. We are still delivering meals to those in need.

At this point in time, we are asking you to hold any trip payments until at least May 15th. Just put the money “in the cookie jar” until we are able to take payments again. The trip to Lancaster May 12th – 14th has been changed. We are calling everyone to see if they are able to go July 21st – 23rd. We will keep you posted about any other trips that are scheduled.


The Census forms are arriving in the mail. It is very important for you to fill these out and send them in. West Virginia is lagging behind on getting these filled out. The monies that our county and state receives and the number of representatives we have in the House of Representatives is based on the information from the Census. It only takes a few minutes to fill these out online at my2020census.gov. If you don’t have access to a computer, you will receive a paper copy in the mail. Fill it out and send it in as soon as you receive it. If you don’t respond then and only then will someone come to your house. If they don’t have proper identification, don’t let them in your house.


If you have received an application for an absentee ballot for the June 9th election, you need to fill it out. When you are ready to mail it, you may turn it so that their address is on the outside and put a couple pieces of tape on the edges to hold it closed. This will protect your information. You do not have to tear the 2 pages apart like it says on the card. If you send it as a postcard, your personal information will be there for anyone to see. Please protect yourself.

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