Randolph Tucker Children’s Advocacy Center PLANS FOR After Hours CAC OPEN HOUSE EVENT

The Randolph Tucker CAC is preparing to host local and state officials at their upcoming After Hours CAC open house event scheduled from 4-6 p.m. Dec.15, 2016 at Randolph Tucker CAC, 313 Henry Ave., Elkins. Open House guests will be able to tour the Randolph Tucker Children’s Advocacy Center’s facility where comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate services to child victims of abuse are provided. “We are eager to meet with our elected officials to talk with them firsthand about the benefits that a Child Advocacy Center brings to a community,” says Margot Kubichek, Executive Director, “We hope to have a good representation of both local officials and state legislators at our event.”
“It takes tremendous courage for a child to tell someone they are being abused,” says Margot Kubichek, Executive Director. Children’s advocacy centers have been taking the lead in their local communities to welcome children and families through their doors, listen to their stories, and work with local teams of professionals to do all they can to keep children safe, hold perpetrators accountable, and help child victims of abuse begin the road to healing. Our open house will provide a chance for our local officials to understand what benefit Randolph Tucker CAC brings to Randolph and Tucker Counties.
The After Hours CAC open house event will provide elected officials a unique understanding of the many ways that Randolph Tucker Children’s CAC helps hurting kids in Randolph and Tucker Counties. For more information regarding this event, please contact Margot Kubichek at 304-630-2214 or email at director@rtcac.com

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