Commission Gets Funding Requests and Honors Dilly

At the regular scheduled Tucker County Commission meeting held on February 26 the commissioners received funding requests from three different entities.
Commissioners Lowell Moore
Photo courtesy of Joel Goughnour
Commissioners Lowell Moore, Michael Rosenau and Diane Hinkle presenting Bill Dilly with a plaque of recognition for his work on the Annex.

To start things off, Mike Helmick of the Hamrick PSD accompanied by Shane Whitehair and Clay Riley requested $150,000 from the commission to assist with engineering, legal fees, and right-of-ways for the Hamrick PSD’s proposed Water Treatment Plant Upgrade and the Water Extension Project. Hamrick stated that the minimum bill for customers would increase from approximately $27 a month to $43 a month due to the need for the upgrade. Helmick stated that this funding would let them become “shovel ready” and make their small cities grant request more attractive to the state. “The need for this project is already highly rated by the state, but other areas of WV have the same need.” Helmick and Whitehair believe this funding would move them up the ladder of state approval. Riley, speaking for Thrasher Engineering stated that they were willing to work with the commission and that the funding could be over a three year period. There also exists the possibility that the total funding amount from the commission and could be reduced if grant funding comes through. The commission all agree that it is a much needed and worthwhile project and decided they needed time to consider and investigate if the budget could fully support said request.

A funding request was approved for Woodlands Development group in the amount of $7,500 to assist with a county wide Housing and Small Business Needs study. This study will concentrate on the 5 municipalities in the county and is supported by the Tucker County Planning Commission and the Development Authority.

The Tucker County Development Authority was granted $3,500 to assist with the creation of a Presentation Folder that will be used for the purpose of promoting the county to the benefit of all businesses and organizations.

Bill Smith with the Convention and Visitors Bureau told the commission that it’s board of directors has revised their by-laws to provide an additional board seat, to be filled by a county commissioner. He also wanted to mention progress on Senate Bill 314. He stated that the bill had passed out of the Senate Finance committee and would be on the floor for first and second readings on Thursday and Friday and up for vote on Monday. This bill will allow certain counties to use up to $200,000 of the Hotel/Motel Tax to fund EMS and acute medical needs.

The Parsons Volunteer Fire Department sent the commission a letter requesting the use of the parking lot located at the corner of Second and Walnut Streets for the Fireman’s Homecoming in May. The commissioners approved this request with the stipulation that nothing heavy be placed on the new paving.

In other business, commissioners discussed the placing of 23 – 24 new blue road signs at approximately 18 locations. All were in agreement that these plans move forward.

The commission stated its intent to file a grant application for funding for the Tucker County Community Corrections program. A letter of support for this program was read and agreed to by all commissioners and will be sent with the application.

Commissioner Diane Hinkle was re-appointed to the Tucker County Historical Landmark Commission. Commissioners Rosenau and Moore commended Hinkle on the job she has done by serving. Hinkle graciously thanked them for the re-appointment.

The commissioners recognized William “Bill” Dilly for the wonderful job he did on the annex by presenting him with a plaque that states “for your outstanding efforts as the clerk of the works for the Tucker County Courthouse Annex Project. February 2014”. The commission asked his permission to display the plaque in the Courthouse Annex in recognition of his work. Dilly gave his permission.

The next Tucker County Commission Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 in the Tucker County Courthhouse Courtroom at 9 a.m.


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