Decisions, Decisions

A full agenda awaited the Tucker County Commissioners at their regular meeting held on October 9, in the Tucker County Courthouse Courtroom.  Items to be decided or discussed included funding requests, letter of support, board appointments, hiring, and annual and employee reports.

As always the meeting opened with prayer and the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.
First up, was Cindy Phillips, who presented the annual report on behalf of the Historic Landmark Commission?  Phillips stated that the commission had been active throughout 2012-2013.  She stated that they had developed a walking tour to showcase the historical buildings in Thomas and had prepared a brochure, interpretive signs to encourage tourists, and a webpage.  She went on to add that a $15,000 survey and planning grant had been received for the Cottrell Opera House that went towards the truss system that has concerned the operators.

Phillips added that they are welcoming associate members and their meeting dates and times can be found on the Tucker County Commission website under the Historic Landmark Commission.
Cathy Parsons, from the Animal Shelter appeared as an employee to make the commission aware of the need for a portable radio to be used when employees have to make calls for their safety.  The commissioners approved $1,200 for the purchase of the radio, charger, cables, and software.



Pictured are the students presenting request to the county commission.  Lydia Mullennax, Andrew Kisamore, Thomas Evans, Madison Lambert, Lindsey Knotts, and Tyler Hebb.
Pictured are the students presenting request to the county commission. Lydia Mullennax, Andrew Kisamore, Thomas Evans, Madison Lambert, Lindsey Knotts, and Tyler Hebb.

Next up, a delegation from the Tucker County High School Chapter of FFA submitted a funding request to the commission for assistance in attending the National conference to be held in Louisville, Ky. The students making the presentation were Tyler Hebb, President Lindsey Knotts, Treasurer Madison Lambert, assistant Treasurer Thomas Evans, Parliamentarian/Chaplain; Andrew Kisamore; and Lydia Mullennax. The students were accompanied by Pam Kisamore representing chapter advisor Terry Hauser.  The commissioners voted to cover the $1,180 costs of the National Conference Registration sessions, tours, radio tickets, parking passes and added $360 for traveling expenses and asked for receipts to verify costs.  Commissioners Rosenau, Hinkle, and Moore congratulated the students on their presentation, paperwork, and the fund raising efforts that have given them $4,400 towards the approximate $6,000 needed to attend the conference.

The Commissioners agreed to send a letter of appreciation/support for the Appalachian Forest Heritage Area’s seeking National Heritage Area designation with the provision that such designation does not bring any negative impact on private property in Tucker County and will not engage in land management.
Dustin Luzier started off the employee reports by stating that the Community Corrections office in Tucker County had saved the county around $33,000 in jail fees for the month of September when coupled with the 432 hours of community service. He added that there are 21 people in the program and three people gained employment.  This program is an alternative to serving jail time and all participants are required to attend classes and perform community service.

Luzier went on to ask for commission approval to hire Shana Henline as a part-time Assistant Community Corrections Officer beginning October 15.  The requested approval was unanimously given.
Joel Goughnour next reported that they are ready to finish cycle 10 of the courthouse facilities grant with repairs to start on the courthouse steps facing Walnut Street and those between the courthouse and the commission building.
Darla Stemple next reported that microwave hops for the radios had been approved. This means you connect to the state interoperable network by microwaves instead of radio frequency or antennae.  To do this you must have line of sight. She gave an update on an attempt to utilize the AT&T cell tower as a microwave hop for the line of sight microwave transmission from the 911 center versus building a tower.  AT&T is asking for a $2,000 monthly fee.  The commissioners agreed to contact AT&T to see if they would be willing to become a community partner and allow the use of their tower before considering other options.

The commissioners announced that Sherry Cross had been hired as the part-time custodian.  Moore stated that she has started working.  County Prosecutor Ray LaMora said,”She is doing a fantastic job.”
The county commission voted to re-appoint Sylvia  Rosenau and Donna Patrick to a five year term on the Health Department board.
Moore made a motion to contact J R Henry Consulting, Inc. to get a quote on the cost of an assessment on the Ambulance Authority. This company specializes in assessments for ambulance authorities and fire departments.  It was noted that J R Henry had previously done an assessment in 2007.  All commissioners were in agreement on taking this action.  If necessary, a special meeting will be called to act on the quote.
A date has been set for a Public hearing on the Floodplain Ordinance.  It is to be held in the Tucker County Courthouse Courtroom on November 13, 2013 at 6 p.m..
The governor’s mansion is requesting that each county submit an ornament for the state tree.  A contest will be held to select Tucker County’s ornament and detailed information will be forthcoming.
The county commission meeting previously set for October 23, 2013 has been cancelled and the next regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 9 a.m. in the Tucker County Courthouse Courtroom.

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