Meet the Cheat Community Paddle on June 7

Hey water lovers – Friends of the Cheat’s Water Trail Committee is hosting an event for anyone and everyone interested in doing a float trip from the Moss Bridge put-in to the take-out at Blackwater Outdoor Adventures (BOA) in St. George on Saturday, June 7. Bring your boats to BOA at 10 a.m. June 7. FOC’s Water Trail Committee is celebrating the Upper Cheat River Trail’s first anniversary, which is hoped will become a yearly event.

In order to conserve parking spaces at Holly Meadows, Patrick McCann of Blackwater Outdoor Adventures, is offering free shuttle service June 7 to the put-in! Not only that, but BOA is offering a special rental fee of $30 for canoes and $15 for kayaks as part of the celebration! Everyone will put in from the Holly Meadows access site at Moss Bridge (off Holly Meadows Rd. – CR 5/8) at 11 a.m. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free shuttle by going to BOA at 10 a.m. The float trip is approximately eight miles from Moss Bridge to St. George, so depending on the water level the paddle will take about four hours. Make sure to bring plenty of water, snacks and sun protection. The fishing can be great in places, so if you have to dawdle to haul in the big one just let another boat know.

Just a little word to the less experienced, do not wear cotton on the water, and this is especially important for children. If the day is overcast, cool and/or breezy wet cotton clothing sucks the heat out of your body – so wear synthetic fabrics that dry quickly. Make sure to have a change of dry clothing in your vehicle or a dry bag securely attached to your vessel as well. Everyone must have a Personal Floatation Device (rented boats include a PFD) and should keep it securely fastened while on the water.

The water on this stretch of river is very family friendly as well as stunningly beautiful. There is a possibility to see bald eagles, great blue or other herons, and lots of other birds. There should be some wildflowers blooming along the river at this time as well so don’t hesitate to shout, “Hey! What is that?”

The river trip itself will be great, but the fun doesn’t end at the take-out! Around 4 p.m. at Blackwater Outdoor Adventure’s outpost we will have a “paddling after party” that includes live music, food, beverages and lots of friends, new or old, with whom to share stories of the day’s fun around the campfire! Camping is available at BOA so for questions regarding camping or paddling please contact BOA with all questions at or (304)478-3775.

Word of warning: water levels can change paddling plans from day to day so stay informed by joining the Upper Cheat River Water Trail group on facebook or by checking

You can join the fun as well as support the enhancement and protection of our beautiful waters by joining the Water Trail Committee, volunteering to maintain an access, or by donating goods, services or money to the project’s dedicated fund. Contact Dave Cassell to learn more:


Pamela Ruediger

The Parsons Advocate

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