New Signage and Speed Bumps to Be Installed

By Teri Cayton
The Parsons Advocate
The Parsons City Council has addressed some traffic concerns in and around the city.  Parsons City Chief of Police J.E. Jones said, “Pay close attention for new signage and speed bumps in the near future.”  According to Jones, there is to be some changes made downtown as well as The Pulp Mill Bottom.
The intersection at Fourth and Main streets will become a four-way stop, and Fifth Street approaching Main will have speed bumps constructed.  In The Pulp Mill Bottom, there will be speed bumps constructed the length of Poplar Street.  New stop signs at Mill and Poplar streets will make that intersection a four-way stop.  Jones also stated that the speed limit from Mill Street to Poplar Street will be lowered to 15 miles per hour.
“Please adhere to the new NO PARKING signs limiting parking at the skate park to the side of the street away from the skate park itself”, Jones stated.  A new parking area is to be constructed for that purpose.  Chief Jones also asks that you please only use the Handicap Parking area if you have a valid permit.
Chief Jones and the City of Parsons advised that close attention be paid for new signage and speed bumps in the areas discussed above.  The areas will be monitored and citations will be issued for traffic offenses.

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