Traffic Concerns Brought Before Council

By Lois Lambert
The Parsons Advocate
Preston Simmons and Frank Stone attended the Parsons City Council Meeting to express their concerns about traffic on Main Street from Fourth St. to the dead end.  Simmons stated, “I have concerns about the suggestion of a four-way stop.  Putting in a four-way stop won’t solve the problem.  They don’t stop at the stop signs that are there now.”  He added that down on Fourth St. there is a crab apple tree that was planted by the city many years ago that needs to be removed because it entirely blocks the stop sign.
Simmons stated, “I understand Mr. Jones’ position, he can’t be everywhere at once.”  Mayor Judy replied, “When he is there, nobody does anything.”  Chief Jones stated, “ People seem to have a blatant disregard for stop signs, but the one on Fifth street seems to be worse.” Stone stated, “Traffic seems to fly down Main Street
Council Members Fansler, Roy, and Jones suggested speed bumps be installed.  Council member Missy Jones stated, “I also think that all dead end streets need to be clearly marked.”
Council agreed to remove the crab apple tree and install two speed bumps between Chestnut St. (Route 72) and Main Street about one car length from Main and speed bumps signs will be posted.  They further agreed to make the intersection of Fourth and Main an All-way Stop (formerly known as four-way).  They further agreed to make the intersection in the Pulp Mill Bottom at Poplar and Mill Streets an All-Way Stop.  Install speed bumps at Merrill and Poplar Streets.  They also decided to make the street beside River City Park a “Safety Corridor” and the speed limit will be lowered to 15 Miles Per Hour.
The Parsons Park Board is planning to pursue the Splash Park and will be researching different styles and water features.  They also stated that they will revisit the swimming pool at a later date.  They also wanted to recognize the new Skate Park name, “Good Vibes Skate Haven”, which is a combination of two names submitted by Kent Daniels and Leslie Nestor.  Security cameras have been installed and are operational at River City Park and the Wellness Center.
Parsons City Council and Mayor purchased a new Bushmaster XM15-E2S, .223 caliber semi-automatic rifle for the Parsons Police Department.  Council  commended Chief Jones and all public safety departments (Sheriff’s Dept., State Police, and the US Forestry Officer) on their rapid response and handling of the recent robbery of the Parsons Rite Aid.
The next regular meeting of the Parsons City Council will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 in the Council Chambers on the first floor of the Charles W. “Bill Rosenau Municipal Building, 341 Second Street, Parsons.

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