Tucker Native Honored with a Resolution of Accomplishment by Mayor

Recently Mayor George Karos, of Martinsburg, presented Abraham Lincoln DiBacco with a Resolution of Accomplishment to thank him for his service to our country during World War II.

with a Resolution of Accomplishment
Abe DiBacco

DiBacco, along with his two brothers, Albert and Vincent who are World War II US Army Veterans, were born and raised in Thomas. DiBacco is a decorated veteran of the United States Navy.

Among some of his duties, he was in Japan to back up the Enola Gay as it dropped the first atomic bomb. He and friend, Fran Erwin, now make floral baskets to honor other veterans in West Virginia, Ohio and Virginia.

He now lives in Martinsburg with his wife, Ellen. DiBacco’s dedication to his country and to veterans should be an inspiration for everyone.


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