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Dear Editor,

Hi Everybody. There are a couple of things I want to write about changes coming with Corridor H.

The County Planning Commission has The Comprehensive Plan posted online. The Comprehensive Plan contains the results of the survey we took in 2008. I was surprised by some of the results. Eighty percent favor tourism and recreational development. Over 60% favor zoning of new development. Almost everything else that brought jobs was well over 50%.

Check it out because there’s also a comment form on the Planning Commission Site where you can have a say about the future development of the County. They want your input so don’t be shy. It’s very important and I’m going to tell you why:

The new road will cut an hour off the ride from DC and save fuel too. No curves, pedal to the metal until you hit the stop sign on 32. I don’t underestimate the power of the new road. You’ll be able to leave Vienna, Va. At 7 a.m. and be sitting in Sirianni’s at 9:30 feeling fresh and looking good. Day tripping.

It’s going to bring development. Maybe a lot of development. Questions are going to come up about what’s suitable development. Your comments can become the deciding factor in policy disputes. Someone might have a good idea and you can write in and say you like the idea. Someone might want to pave the Valley for a skateboard park. You could write in and say “well maybe not.”

Public participation is the key to having successful tourism development that maintains our quality of life and our heritage. In every successful development of tourism in a rural area, public participation in decisions about development is the key to success.

Seventy seven percent of us wanted the new road. You know what they say about getting what you want. Now we have to step up to the challenge of keeping the character and heritage of the County.

The Planning Commission website is a good thing. Stuff is online about past and future meetings, The Comprehensive Plan and the comment box. I hope folks are thinking about future development. How do you see the county in 5 or 20 years? I also hope the County Planning Commission continues to expand the opportunity for public participation and the availability of information.

Cheers Everyone,

Lon Marshall

Davis, WV

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