November 12, 2013

Dear Editor,

Warm wishes to Courtland Acres a year after the wonderful care all of the residents of Pineview received during The Frankenstorm of 2012. As winter approaches, we all have memories of banding together for five days last October. We were safe, warm, comfortable and never afraid. We played games, worked puzzles, watched movies and clung together. We were all there for each other. In a way the storm was a test for all of us and we had the kindest care ever during this “storm of the century”.

I wonder if this winter will bring another! But if so, I know we will all be safe and warm. Everyone here pitched in high gear. It gave all of us the trust in our fellow man. With lots of folks with family near and far…we made each other feel as one big family! Thomas is everyone’s hometown. Most of us will be neighbors for many years to come. How nice to know we can be family as God wishes and be there for each other. We are proud to live here and have a very loving atmosphere. We are forever grateful to call this home!

A Thomas Hometown Girl

“Dee” Sagace Michel


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