Tucker County schools to host public meetings regarding potential levy

Tucker County schools will host three community meetings to get input from residents on improvements they would like to see at the schools.

The meetings are set for Tuesday, Nov. 19, at Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School; Wednesday, Nov. 20 at the Canaan Valley Fire Department; and Thursday, Nov. 21, at Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School. All meetings will run from 6:30 to 8 p.m. and refreshments will be provided.

“We hope the community comes to these meetings to talk about the type of improvements that they would like made at each of our schools,” Superintendent Eddie Campbell said. “The school board members know how important our schools and sports are to people in this area.”

During the meetings school officials will present an update on the current budget status of the school system.

“We have had a very conservative and tight budget,” he said. “We know as a school system we can’t cut anymore expenses and still provide a quality education.”

In order to help maintain the quality of education provided in Tucker County, the Board of Education is considering running an excess levy. Every dollar generated from the excess levy would be used to support the schools, classrooms and students.

An excess levy can support a variety of items: athletics, textbooks, student health services, technology, the arts, the library and other instructional necessities. Campbell said the board would like to hear residents’ priorities during the community meetings.

“We’ve made progress in improving our facilities and focusing our school system to student achievement,” he said. “I hope to work with board members and the public over the next several months to craft a levy that addresses the concerns voters have about our educational future. These public meetings will provide for us to cooperatively follow.”

In addition to the meetings the school board will conduct a survey as another way to get residents’ opinions on what items they would like to see the excess levy cover.

“The survey is just one more way people can let us know their thoughts and ideas,” he said. “It will be ready by the first public meeting, and we will make it available through our website as well.”


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