DTEMS Students share Christmas wishes and New Year’s Resolutions

THOMAS – As 2016 comes to a close, most people take time out of their hectic schedules to make an evaluation of the year and set some goals or make some New Year’s Resolutions in hopes of having a great year.

On Tuesday, students at Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School shared some of their resolutions and hopes for 2017 as well as some of the items on their Christmas lists.
First-grade students have many responsibilities and Neveah Dragovich said one thing she is going to change for 2017 is not mixing up the different colors of Play Dough.
“I want to not mix up the Play Dough colors,” Neveah said. “I have my Play Dough in the same cans but I put a different lid on it because I don’t know what color lid should go on since it’s all mixed up.”
Neveah said she has been good in 2016 and is asking Santa Claus for a My Life doll, a My Life bunk bed, a My Life horse, My Life clothes and Snuggles the puppy. She is in first grade and her parents are Christina Kessler and Neal Dragovich of Davis.
A.J. Maniscarco is in first grade and his parents are Anthony and Terri Maniscarco of Thomas. A.J. said in 2017 he wants to strive to be good all of the time. He said he is good most of the time, and said he got all A’s when he was in kindergarten.
“For Christmas I would like to have a Nintendo DS, DVDs, a Playstation 1 and the game Pie Face Showdown,” A.J. said. “Merry Christmas!”
Second grade students seem to have their goals for 2017 set on others rather than themselves.
Emmet Felton, who is the son of John and Joanie Felton of Davis, said he plans to be more helpful in 2017.
“I want to help my mom and dad more next year,” Emmet said.
For Christmas, Emmet has asked Santa to bring him a remote control car.
“I want one that goes really fast,” Emmet said. “I also want a cell phone. Perhaps a Galaxy 7.”
Haley Nestor is also in second grade. She said for her New Year’s Resolution, she wants to help others more often.
Haley is the daughter of Melissa and John Nestor, and lives in Parsons.
“For Christmas I asked Santa Claus for a Galaxy 7 cell phone,” she said.
Hannah Cussins is in 5th grade this year and said for Christmas she would like to have a hover board and a drone with a camera.
“I want to use it to spy on my sister,” Hannah said.

For her New Year’s Resolutions, Hannah wants to try to be more careful.

“I want to try and not fall,” she said. “I want to get more flexible in gymnastics. I also want to get better in sports.”
Hannah is the daughter of Holly Crowl and Christopher Cussins. She lives in Sugarland and is a member of Dance by Farrah.
Jesse Hamric is also in 5th grade. He is the son of Jay and Heidi Hamric of Canaan Valley.
“For Christmas, I want an X Box 1S and games to go with it,” Jesse said. “I also hope to get an Antonio Brown Jersey.”
Jesse said he has quite a few resolutions for the new year.
“I want to be less argumentative,” Jesse said. “I want to be more laid back and mellow, and I want to try to be nicer to others.”
Frederick Herz is in 4th grade and is the son of Tracy and Fred Herz of Davis. For Christmas he asked for an easy breathing SCUBA dive mask and an entertainment robot.
“I want to be nicer to others in 2017,” Frederick said.
Ava Shaffer and her parents Cynthia and Michael Shaffer live in Pierce. Ava said for Christmas she asked for an Osmo and a ski pass to Canaan.
“I have been skiing since last year and it is really fun,” Ava said.
During 2017, Ava, who is in 4th grade, said she wants to be better at skiing.
“I also want to help others,” Ava said. “I will be working to improve my skills in softball, too.”
Alena Lambruno, who is an 8th grader at DTEMS, said she asked for new shoes for Christmas.
“During the new year, I want to study harder and get better grades,” Alena said, even though she gets good grades.
Alena is the daughter of Nina and Tony Lambruno of Thomas.
Mackenzie Zirk said she asked for new clothes for Christmas.
Mackenzie, who is in 8th grade, said she wants to work to get better grades as well. She is the daughter of Rosetta and Brian Zirk of Thomas.
Chase Fridley is the son of Donna Fridley and Casey Fridley of Thomas. He is an eighth-grade student at DTEMS.
“For Christmas I asked for a pair of boots and a gun scope,” Chase said. “I like to hunt, and I hunt for deer, turkey and squirrel. For my New Year’s Resolution, I want to kill a deer that is bigger than the one my brother got – an eight-point.”
Trevor Phillips is the son of Kim Corbin and Mike Phillips. Trevor lives in Kempton and said for Christmas he wants a gun safe.
“I want one for my guns,” Trevor said. “I like to hunt deer and squirrel.”
Trevor said in 2017 he wants to work to keep his grades up.
“I think I just need to study harder,” Trevor said.
Owen Porter is in 7th grade and is the son of Lisa and Rob Porter of Canaan Valley.
“I want a new BMX bike for Christmas,” Owen said. “I like doing tricks. My New Year’s Resolution is to learn to do a 360 on a BMX Bike.”
Classmate Wayne Clark is the son of Judy Dix and John Dix of Davis.
“My mom is going through something and she is very sick,” Clark said. “I am just praying she makes it through.”
Wayne said for his New Year’s Resolution is hoping to improve in the sports he likes to play – football and basketball.
Kindergarten students Juniper Judy and Clayton Paugh said they were very excited for Christmas.
Juniper is the daughter of Katie and James Judy and lives in Davis.
“There is a new Baby Alive Snackin’ Sara coming out and I would like to have her,” Juniper said. “I forgot everything else on my Christmas wish list.”
Juniper said she would like to get better riding her bike, and said she also wants to get better when she is skiing.
“I still need to have help, but I like to go fast,” she said. “I also like to spend time with my family. I am six-years-old.”
Clayton is the son of Beth and Matt Paugh and said he lives in the turn where there are three mailboxes.
“You just go up that road,” Clayton said. “For Christmas, I asked for a Playstation 4 and lots of games. I also like pizza and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”
Clayton said he isn’t sure about New Year’s Resolutions. “I will make them up as needed,” he said.

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