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CLARKSBURG – The Mt. Lions Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country team traveled to Robert C Byrd High School on Tuesday September 8th to compete in the RCB Invitational.

In the Boys’ race Clay Poling was the top finisher for Tucker County in 21st place overall and Poling posted a time of 23:25.21.  Other results for the Mt. Lions are as follows: 24th-Taylor Long(23:30.11), 27th-Haden Wamsley(23:51.31), 33rd-Trent Eure(27:13.11) and 34th-Ethan McCrum(27.15.58)..

The Lady Mt. Lions ran next and Erin Chambers was the top Tucker County finisher with a 4th place overall finish(23:49.42).  Other Tucker County Girls’ race results were as follows: 6th-Kate Falls(24:15.21), 12th-Katie Hicks(25:48.78), 13th-Karlee Smith(26:06.99), 14th-Hannah Hardy(26:09.28), 20th-Alaira Hudson(27:40.62), 25th-Addison Buckley(29:36.68), 27th-Addie Hicks(30:20.49), 32nd-Kristen Hicks(32:02.93), 37th-Brianna Gooden(34:55.99), 42nd-Kandace Nestor(36:45.43) and 48th-Olivia Myers(43:13.56).


SHORT GAP – The Tucker County Girls’ and Boys’ Cross Country teams traveled to Frankfort on Saturday September 12th for the 27th Annual Frankfort Invitational.

In the Girls’ Varsity Race the Tucker County team finished 4th overall as a team.  Individual results were: 6th-Erin Chambers(23:10.8), 20th-Hannah Hardy(24:27.8), 24th-Kate Falls(24:43.2), 34th-Katie Hicks(25:35.7), 50th-Alaira Hudson(27:37.6), 51st-Karlee Smith(27:43.1), 56th-Addison Buckley(28:16.2).   Girls’ JV results: 2nd-Kristen Hicks(27:11.5), 5th-Addie Hicks(28:10.6), 11th-Brianna Gooden(34:05.7).

In the Boys’ Varsity division the Mt. Lions team finished 9th overall as a team.  Individual results were:  48th-Clay Poling(22:25.5), 52nd-Taylor Long(22:46.0), 59th-Wesley Strawderman(24:11.9), 62nd-Trent Eure(25:02.1), 64th-Haden Wamsley(25:23.1), 67th-Ethan McCrum(25:58.5).


Both Cross Country teams will return to action on Saturday September 19th at Grafton and then they will travel to Buckhannon-Upshur on Tuesday September 22nd.  For more info go to TuckerCountySports.Com.

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