Tucker County Softball Team Gains Momentum With 2 Wins

CAMP KIDD – The Lady Mt. Lions hosted “AAA” Hampshire County for a double header last Monday April 14th. In the first game both teams played well as Tucker County got the close win in the last inning 9-8.

The Lady Mt. Lions had 14 hits on 39 at bats. Tucker County stole 8 bases in the contest. Mariah Bowley led Tucker County in batting with 4 singles in the game and Shannon Whitehair added 2 doubles and 1 single at the plate. Melanie Adams and Bekah Simmons had 1 double and 1 single each and Caroline Adams, Mary Pennington and Alayna Wesoloski added 1 single each for the Lady Mt. Lions.

The second contest was also another close game, but this game would go to the visiting team as Hampshire got the victory 2-1. Each team managed just 6 hits each in this game as Tucker County was struck out 7 times in the game. Bekah Simmons and Shannon Whitehair led the Lady Mt. Lions at the plate with 2 singles each. Alayna Wesoloski and Trista Collar added 1 hit each for Tucker County in the loss.

CAMP KIDD – On Wednesday April 16th Tucker County hosted Notre Dame for a single game and picked up their 4th win of the season by the final score of 6-4.

The Lady Mt. Lions finished the game with 11 hits on 31 at bats. Bekah Simmons led Tucker County in batting with 1 double and 3 singles and Mariah Bowley added 1 double and 1 single. Shannon Whitehair followed with 2 singles in the win and Caroline Adams and Maria Ricottilli added 1 single each.

Tucker County(4-7) was scheduled to host Pendleton County for a double header on Tuesday April 22nd. The Lady Mt. Lions will travel to Easy Hardy on Thursday April 24th for a double header at 5pm/7pm and then they will return home for a single game against Philip-Barbour at 4pm on Friday April 25th. For more info go to TuckerCountySports.Com.

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